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Steel Wheels is a special album in the history of the Stones, it’s about reconcilliation, friendship and shared passion. It’s the album that united the band again, after a three year hiatus that was almost permanent.

Recorded between March and June 1989 at Air Studios, Montserrat this marked the return of Chris Kimsey as a co-producer along with the Glimmer Twins, and it was for many a return to what the Stones did best – they rocked.

The lead single ‘Mixed Emotions’ features Mick, Keith and Ronnie on guitar and is autobiographical for the band, about building bridges and healing friendships. ‘Continental Drift’ for which the band travelled to Tangier, Morocco, to record with the Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar. The instrumental version was used throughout the Steel Wheels/ Urban Jungle tour before the band entered the stage.

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