21 Nov 2023

Beggars Banquet II – Available now!

“My favourite Stones album without me on it is Beggars Banquet.”
Ronnie Wood, 1998
Marking a quarter of a century since the original release of Ronnie’s seminal work, Beggars Banquet II, this new, limited-edition print celebrates the classic 1968 Stones album of the same name – itself about to celebrate its 55th anniversary.
This work – a classic Ronnie Wood composition – reimagines the scene photographed for the gatefold of that album, with additional symbolism and characters – naturally including himself!
Beggars Banquet Twenty Five is available in two sizes, with all prints sold by December 31st to include a separate Christmas card print hand-signed by Ronnie, the card was painted originally by Ronnie, for Christmas 1998.