17 Mar 2022

EXCLUSIVE: Ronnie Wood Art Exhibition Tour now live!

Ronnie Wood X Ashridge House was a spectacular exhibition of some of Ronnie’s favourite works, including paintings of Ashridge House itself. For the first time ever, fans from all over the world can get a glimpse of this stunning exhibition from the comfort of their own homes, with this series of videos. Watch this playlist comprising of videos from each beautiful room in Ashridge House, Hertfordshire, England, filled with Ronnie’s uplifting artworks:

Ronnie Wood presented a huge collection of his original artworks, including some of his most treasured paintings, a series of sculptures and a selection of etchings within the extraordinary interiors of Ashridge House. Many of the works were previously unseen and the exhibition also included new pieces produced during lockdown. There was a room dedicated to Ronnie’s paintings of Ashridge House and its spectacular grounds. Other highlights included many of Ronnie’s favourite paintings, hand-picked for the Ashridge collaboration, plus a remarkable new large-scale tapestry of Ronnie’s original painting interpreting the iconic Beggar’s Banquet album that hung in the imposing entrance of Ashridge House.

“I’ve long been inspired by the beauty of Ashridge House and its incredible gardens” says Ronnie. “I’ve passed by it many times and have always been intrigued by what it’s like inside and the story of the place. I’ve recreated Ashridge in many of my paintings over the years, so to finally go inside and explore such a historic and fascinating place and have the opportunity to show my work there is a really special moment. I hope visitors will come in August and enjoy the art in these breath-taking surroundings.”

See more of Ronnie’s art in his official store here.