31 Jan 2017

Ronnie’s Art On Display in Wolverhampton

A selection of rare and popular art by Ronnie is on display as part of the second series of the Private Collection at Castle Fine Art in Wolverhampton, closing on the 5th February.

Taken from Ronnie’s personal archive of work, the carefully curated collection comprises of some of the most sought after limited editions of his work in his artistic career to date.

Ian Weatherby-Blythe, Managing Director of Washington Green Fine Art Group Ltd, said: “The original release of The Private Collection was a pivotal factor in Ronnie Wood’s artistic career, with some of his most popular works being continuously admired and sought after.

There is a true sense of eclecticism in this exhibition, from the materials used to the icons depicted, yet all master the connection between art and music.”

In his own words, Ronnie “applies musical theory to [his] art. [He] builds limited edition, silk screen prints in much the same way as studio overdubs, the more defined ones are things that stand out in the mix.”

You can find out more about the exhibition here.

View some of Ronnie’s original art here.