14 Jan 2016


In 1975 The Rolling Stones documented their tour of the Americas in its entirety. Celebrating 40 years with 400 special Anniversary copies, Genesis Publications are releasing TOTA ’75, and each copy has been signed by Ronnie Wood.

Ronnie says: “This book is incredible! That’s what we do. We go to Genesis for quality.

The book’s new cover is designed to Ronnie’s approval, inspired by his iconic Zemaitis guitar. Its aluminium cover is silkscreened with beautiful engravings from the guitar’s metal disc front.

Over 400 silver-edged pages are quarter-bound in leather and housed in a protective solander box. The ‘Starship’ is silkscreened onto the box, with lenticular images of the Stones appearing in the aircraft’s cut away windows.


Ronnie accompanied the The Rolling Stones on tour in 1975, after over a decade of wishing to join the band. He is signing each anniversary copy of TOTA ’75.

The book has also been signed by Christopher Sykes and Stones tour manager Peter Rudge.

Ronnie: “I’ve always known that I was going to be established, go to America and join the Rolling Stones.

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