07 May 2020

Ronnie announces new Rolling Stones artwork ‘Welcome’

“Welcome to my latest work, Welcome; a real insight into a different side of the Rolling Stones. As a buyer of one of these very limited prints, you’ll receive yours personalised to YOU, from me, personally.” – Ronnie

Ronnie is pleased to announce a brand new artwork ‘Welcome’!

Prints of Ronnie’s latest work are available for pre-order now and come with option to have your own print personalised.

Ronnie Wood Welcome Rolling Stones art

The lucky 75 fans who order the personalised edition of the artwork will have their print arrive in an exclusive custom made box with a certificate of authenticity. Each personalised print comes individually numbered, personally dedicated and hand signed by Ronnie Wood.

Non-personalised versions of the print are also available.

The prints will be released on 5th June, with pre-orders for personalised prints available up until 28th May.

Head here to pre-order yours now: https://shop.www.ronniewood.com/*/Welcome/