30 Jun 2014


A comprehensive exhibition of Ronnie’s artwork will open at the Walmark Gallery in Stockholm this Tuesday 1st July and run until Saturday 5th July.

The exhibition is being presented by longtime supporters and collectors of Ronnie’s, the Holmer Gallery in Sweden, and includes a large selection of uniques, including some works prepared in Japan during the 14 On Fire tour, and other pieces made to commemorate the shows at Glastonbury and Hyde Park.

Ronnie is also showing two unique pieces from a series of monotypes with applied paint, chosen to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Elvis’s first recording at the famous Sun studios. Each piece is cosigned by Ronnie and Scotty Moore, Elvis’s legendary guitarist,

Also, previously unseen are Ronnie’s sketches from the February rehearsals of the Rolling Stones’ 14 ON FIRE Asian tour, inspired by Ronnie’s favourite impressionist, Jean-Baptiste-Cammile Corot.


Galleri Jan Wallmark
Karlavägen 17
114 31 Stockholm