27 Nov 2020


Ronnie Wood will release a new set of four signed, limited-edition prints to mark the 50th anniversary of the Faces.

“My time with the Faces has been some of the happiest in my career as a musician, and the most fun I’ve had with the best mates ever! It’s been a pleasure to revisit those memories, and pay tribute to the band’s 50th anniversary with these artworks.” – Ronnie Wood

Just 200 sets of the Faces prints have been produced and will be limited to one boxset per household. They will be released on December 4th at 6pm GMT and are priced at £1250. Presented in a bespoke embossed Faces folder, the prints are signed by Ronnie and a random ten of the sets are signed by Ronnie, Rod and Kenney. They will be available from Ronnie’s web store.

The prints are taken from a series of three monochrome paintings that the critically acclaimed artist, producer, song writer and Rolling Stones guitarist produced during lockdown depicting himself and bandmates Rod Stewart and Kenney Jones. They are originally interpreted from a series of photographs taken of the celebrated band between 1969-1975.

Backstage Romp and Dressing Room Football are beautiful figurative works depicting the band off-stage between gigs. These Days is inspired by a photograph of the Faces featuring the remaining members of the band and with the addition of a guitar for Ronnie a mic for Rod and drumsticks for Kenney. The fourth print, a colour image entitled ‘We’ll Meet Again’ captures all the original bandmates caught in the midst of a live performance.

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The band formed in 1969 when members of Small Faces, Ronnie Lane and joined forces with Ronnie on guitar and on lead vocals and the new line-up was renamed the Faces. They injected a buccaneering rock-and-roll spirit into an otherwise dreary music scene, drawing huge audiences for their rollicking live shows and influencing a generation of punk musicians waiting in the wings. Ronnie helped pen some of the Faces’ finest and best-known songs including ‘Ooh La La’ and ‘Stay With Me’.